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Humanity has been making beer for almost as long as bread – at least 7000 years! Most of the time people made it at home, in most cases with much more limited knowledge and instruments than we have today. Now it’s easier than ever to make your own

Homebrewing supplies shop provides malt, hops, yeast, measuring equipment, vessels and other stuff you may need to produce your own home-brew. Welcome to our shop so that we can chat about home made beer over a pint. You can also order online through our e-shop. We deliver via Econt Express.


We have the pleasure to be a distributor of one of the oldest malting plants in the world - Castle Malting® (Malterie du Château®), Belgium. Straight from the country with over 900 years of brewing tradition and colorful multi-style beer culture, we deliver for you unique quality malts. They will make your beer trully memorable with their rich aromas, high extract and broad spectrum. is distributor and partner of BROUWLAND - one of the biggest sites with e-shop for the needs of homebrewers, winemakers, producers of home-made cider, kombucha and dairy products. Contact us and we would be happy to deliver for you products from the wide array of instruments, tools, raw materials, books and other, offered by

It's an honor for the team to be a partner of Bulgarian Homebrewers Association (BHA). We gladly participate in the events organized by the association. Visit the BHBA website for more resources, to learn about upcoming events and competitions, to see when the next homebrewing celebration is going to happen, or to join as a member.

Official distributor of CastleMalting®
Distributor and partner of Brouwland®