Huell Melon Hops (DE)

Huell Melon or Hüll Melon hops are a newer German hop known for their bold and unique flavor. This “flavour hop” was bred as a daughter of Cascade hops. Its strong fruity character of melon, strawberry, and apricot are most prevalent when utilized in the dry hopping stage of your brew.

Hüll Melon’s unique but mellow fruit character makes it a good choice for styles where overpowering hop flavor may not be warranted.

Aromas: Mild to moderate with vivid impressions of summer melon (especially honeydew) and ripe strawberry bouquet.

Substitutions: Cascade

Form: T-90 hop pellets


Alpha acids: 7.6 %
Beta acids: 6 - 9 %
Cohumulone: 25 - 30 %
Origin: DE

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