Home Brew Recipes

We have the pleasure to present to you some of the home brew recipes we have brewed for ourselves, as well as for our customers and friends. We wish you successful brews and many pleasant hours, spent with over pints of beer that you made youself! Please do not forget to review the Recipes Section Terms and Conditions. Cheers!


Name Style ABV IBU Color
Bloody Sunday Irish Red 5.50% 32 Beer color SRM 13
American Pale Ale APA 5.50% 45 Beer color SRM 6
S.M.A.S.H. Amarillo APA 5.30% 39 Beer color SRM 5
MyZen Weizen Weissbier 5.00% 21 Beer color SRM 5
American IPA IPA 6.20% 80 Beer color SRM 7
Quarantine Flushot NEIPA NEIPA 6.30% 44 Beer color SRM 7
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