Tease Me, Pils Me

Czech Lager
11.50 °P
4.70 %


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Malt g %
Pilsen 3000 68.2
Munich 800 18.2
Cara Clair 400 9.1
Melano 200 4.5
Total grain bill weight 4400g
Water *
Mashing water 13.000 liters
Sparging water 16.000 liters

* The provided water amounts serve just for example. They can vary, depending on the efficiency, specifics of the equipment used and the individual process of each brewer.

Mashing temperature steps
45 min 64.0 °C
15 min 70.0 °C
5 min 78.0 °C
Boil Time 75 min
Hops & spices
Hop / Spice g α% min
Hallertau Mittelfrüh 60g 3.60 60
Irish Moss 4g 15
Hallertau Mittelfrüh 20g 3.60 10
Saaz 20g 3.50 10
Saaz * 40g 3.50 0

* These hops are added during the cooling of the wort (so called "whirlpool hops"), usually between 90 °C and 70 °C, for 15 - 20 minutes.

Strain Num
M84 Bohemian Lager 1


Before adding yeast to the fermenter vessel you should shake the vessel with the wort real well or aerate it in some other way (stirring, using aeration stone, etc.) until you get a nice big foam above the wort. This is to provide enough oxygen for the yeast to replicate well.

Fermentation should take around 10 days (at least two days without activity in the airlock) in the temperature range of 12 - 15 °C. Once fermentation is complete, move the vessel to room temperature (20 - 22 °C) for two days (diacetyl rest). Transfer to another vessel, leaving the yeast bottom behind, and age for at least 2-3 weeks at low temperature (1 - 4 °C). This process is known as "lagering". After that you can bottle the beer or force-carbonate it in a keg (easier).

If bottling, add 7g sugar per litre of beer. Before adding it to the fermenter/bottling vessel, you can dissolve it in water, boil it and cool it down to room temperature. This way you sanitize the sugar and make an evenly dissolved solution. Let the beer self-carbonate in the bottles for at least 10 days at room temperature. Then refrigerate and enjoy!

Important: Please review our Recipes Section Terms and Conditions before brewing the provided recipe.

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