Why home brewing?

Sumerians drinking beer from a big jug Humanity has been making beer for almost as long as bread – at least 7000 years! Most of the time it was produced at home or by craftsmen and small local establishments, just like bread. It was just during the last half of the 20th century that beer became a kind of monopoly of big industrial factories. Anyone can tell the difference between bread made at home or in a small village bakery and the one that gets shipped by trucks from the factory: the aroma, the texture, the taste, the uncontrollable urge to break a piece off right away... Well, it's the same with beer!

Industrial products need to be economically most efficient, usually produced from cheaper materials, to be suited for mass production, to have a long shelf life and to suite the general taste. On the opposite side, the hand-made product has a unique character, not suitable for every taste, but an immediate favorite to some or an acquired taste for others. It needs some care, since it spoils more easily if not stored correctly. That’s because it’s true and alive. Real products are like real people: they’ve got character, they need care and not everyone likes them the same. However, if you happen to fit eachother well enough, you may become friends for life.

We love true things in life, as well as true people, and that’s why we decided to create this web site – in order to help more people find the truth about beer. It is not between the big packs coming out of a factory, nor in the conservatives and additives. It rather boils out of the pot on the stove at home (or in your garage/basement/yard shack), spreading the sweet smell of malt around the house, like your granny’s cooking. Preparing your home-brewed beer is not hard at all, on the contrary, it’s quite easy. All you need is some basic info, some good advises, fine materials and the right tools. All the rest is practice.

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